Do Smoke Eater Candles Work?

The removal of smoke from public and private properties has been a concern and a troublesome task for decades. As the times and attitudes have shifted, so too has the tolerance for second-hand smoke that lingers and seeps its way into fabrics and even walls, creating an antisocial atmosphere for all. There have been many proposed solutions – some useful, some not so useful – but most importantly, no one solution that everybody can fully agree on.

As with any serious odor removal, an establishment or homeowner should expect to get what they have paid for – that is, a professional job will carry a professional price tag. With that unfortunate financial dilemma in mind, many have pondered upon the possibility of a simpler, more affordable solution that can adequately perform the task at hand.

Odor neutralizer is something of a buzzword in the modern homecare dialect, but odor neutralization is nothing more than basic chemistry, and as such, is a practice that has been used for many, many years. Unfortunately, the general consensus appears to be that while odor neutralization works for covering a mild, more generalized “stale” odor, it’s capability to physically remove harsh, stubborn odors may not be sufficient.

One example of this is smoke eating candles – but do smoke eater candles work? Again, yes and no. You can expect the pleasant aroma and odor neutralization balance to fix mild odors that simply linger in the air, but a candle will simply mask any odor that seems to be trapped in the very fabric of the establishment.

For the occasional smoker at home, a smoke eating candle may seem to be performing its task very well. However, this may not necessarily be the whole story: a small amount of smoke from a nicotine cigarette will mostly evaporate with, or without a candle. However, a small percentage of the smoke released into the atmosphere will begin the lengthy process of penetrating the furnishing of the home, which will only reveal itself after years of infrequent use.

So, do smoke eater candles work? While the benefit of both candles and odor neutralization technology is not in doubt, its specific ability to eliminate nicotine in the atmosphere is very much a question that has proved controversial. As a preventative measure, they would appear to be insufficient, and considering the nature of nicotine, it is this shortcoming that should perhaps raise the biggest concern.

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